Spirit Dungeons

Incremental game with idle and offline progress!


Follow the story of a necromancer who has just lost the great war is ready to rebuild his armies and fight again. In the process, he finds his conscience and is changing his life to become a righteous necromancer.


You will build your willing dead army to attack ever-stronger waves of enemies! Wisely choose skills and attributes to aid your progress to get all trophies and unlock premium theme for free!


It features 6 undead units, over 10 skills, and 75+ trophies! Premium Theme is unlocked by reaching all trophies (or having Coil membership)

Game Jam Edition

This playable prototype was built for js13kgames jam. Check out the screenshots below or play it yourself

Spirit Dungeons - Battle Screen
Screen where you battle unending waves of enemies, manage resources and gain access to premium theme.
Spirit Dungeons - Skill Screen
Screen where you choose skill combinations and upgrade them together with attributes.
Spirit Dungeons - Trophy Screen
Screen where you follow progress of trophies you have reached and bonuses they give.


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